Bad Things Happen

So… last night, I was in a car accident involving a motorcyclist. Luckily, he was not injured! And so was I!

It was all damage to the vehicles, and not that severe.Yet, my car is a write-off and my wages haven’t started yet as we missed the deadline of this month’s payroll.

I need a car in order to commute to University each week. This means that I have to the dreaded thing yet again. Borrow. I need to get a car quick so that I don’t miss any more important stuff. 

My student loan hasn’t come yet, my wages won’t be until next month, and the insurance check won’t come until at least a couple of weeks. So, I have all this money which I am supposed to have, but won’t get until later! It’s frustrating.

Why is it that when great things start to happen, something awful happens? 

I start Uni at a very prestigious Russell group institution. I started a job as a teacher and they are funding my training. Then… this. 

I swear that at no point in life will life be ‘perfect’. There will always be some sort of burden. Some downfall in some part of your life. I guess this is currently mine. 


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