Getting an Amazing Opportunity!

Today has been a day I never thought would come.

I emailed my old secondary school to ask if I could gain some work experience. My main goal is to be an English Teacher. A day after sending that email, I received a reply asking me to organise a meeting with the headteacher.

I organised a meeting for today. I did not expect the meeting to go as it went… but I certainly am glad because it surpassed my expectations.

She asked me what my career goal was and I told her that I wish to teach English and possibly, in the future, Law. Following this informal chat, she took me on a tour of the school (not much has changed in terms of the buildings, but a lot has changed in the regime).

The first stop we made was at the English department. The head started asking me questions about teacher training and PGCE options. She started discussing, in front of me, possibilities of training me with the English teacher. In fact, throughout the rest of the tour she was enquiring as to whether I had thought about doing a PGCE qualification at their school. I found this odd, but was really hoping that she was hinting at what I thought she might be hinting at.

At the end of the tour, she asked me if I would like her to look into training programmes within their institution and see what they have to offer. I was really gracious and, of course, I said yes. I didn’t expect her to be so enthusiastic about it, but she was really excited by my presence. I think she was proud to have a old student return for experience.

She said she would call me to inform of the options there are.


She called me in the late afternoon. Unfortunately, I missed it. But, she called me again in the evening.

She had called the relevant people in their academy trust and spoke to many high ranked people. She pulled a lot of strings at a late stage of PGCEs beginning.

She offered to pay for my PGCE qualification, either starting this year or next year if I wish. She offered me a salaried unqualified teacher job. She offered to make the teaching days flexible around my masters study, meaning I could do three days at the school part-time. She offered school direct full-training and the English Department leader as my personal mentor.

I still cannot believe that this has happened. I cannot believe that I walked into that meeting just wanted to be able to gain one day a week work experience, and I walked out with a job offer and an offer to pay for my teaching qualification.

Just thinking about it now makes me tearful. I cannot believe how lucky I am. I definitely do not take this opportunity for-granted and I will always see this as a lucky break.

I know that a lot of people struggle with finding teaching jobs, or struggle to fund themselves through the relevant study. In fact, I did just that. I struggled to fund myself through my undergraduate degree. Sure, I had a loan. A very slim one as my father didn’t help me out, but his income affected my entitlement. I also struggled to get a job following the completion of my degree. I spent a year searching and scrapping in order to try and get employed. At points I hit rock bottom with depression.

But, this opportunity has made all the struggle worth it.

I know that it means that my long distance relationship is going to be long distance for much longer. I am aware that it might suffer. But, I need to think about me. This is a major opportunity and it will further me in so many ways. Other girls might say no because of the damage it may do to my relationship. Unlike them, I am a very headstrong person and am not going to turn it down for a guy (no matter how much I care for him).

My boyfriend is very understanding and actually wants to take me out next weekend to celebrate. This just shows how supportive he can be.

But, to those people who may have turned it down for those reasons, if you get an opportunity which comes 1 in a million, then please take it. In the future, you may to come to regret it and there is no going back. If our relationship broke down next year, I would spend the rest of the time kicking myself for turning this down. So, instead I am going to make the most of it!

I am still in shock, so if this seems like a long post I’m sorry!


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