Job Interview

I had a job interview recently for a role in a Supermarket.

I did exactly as advised by careers advisers. I researched the company, I prepared answers to common questions, I arrived promptly, and dressed suitably.

I was even asked specific questions I was prepared for. Yet, I did not get the job.

Although it hasn’t hurt my confidence or damaged my determination, I do believe that I was predominantly denied due to standard of my education and my availability. I have a degree, and I am starting a postgraduate qualification in September which limits my availability to evenings and weekends.

The job advertised for weekend shifts, yet they asked for us all to supply our whole week availability. It was evident that they wanted somebody who was highly flexible with their shifts.

What I don’t understand is why these companies just advertise the vacancy with this included.

If you’re in the same position as I am (looking for part-time work to fit around other commitments), then don’t give up if you get rejected. There are employers out there who are happy to employ you if you meet their criteria and can do specified shifts. Unfortunately, a lot of high-profile employers now-a-days know that they can get flexible workers because of the high unemployment rate and extort them.

If you positively stand out to an open minded interviewer, then you will succeed! We just have to keep trying!


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