Making Friends & Losing Them

At the moment, I would say that I only have 2 friends. I literally only speak to 2 people other than my family. 

Don’t get me wrong, I have had plenty of friends in the past. I’ve always found it quite easy to make friends, especially since I moved around a lot as a child. Although I am very sociable, I’ve learnt over the years that it is very easy to lose friends too. 

I moved away and lost touch with people from back home. Then when I moved back, I lost touch with the majority of the people I’d met at university. 

I find it difficult to keep in touch with people far away. My life isn’t that exciting so I don’t really have much to say to them. 

Not only is it easy to lose friends by moving or losing touch, you can also have disagreements which are a deal breaker. I had a close friendship group back in college, but towards the end I had major conflict with one of them. It ended with a clean split of the group. I stayed with some and some stayed with her. 

However, I’m not friends with the one that stayed with me anymore. Another way to lose friendship is by people changing. She changed in the last year into a completely different person. A person I do not like, so I no longer wanted to be friends with her. 

There are so many reasons that friendships end. But, in the end you know who your real friends are. Some friendships can last a lifetime, you just have to find the right people. One of my good friends still, I have known since I was 14. We have stayed strong throughout they years, whilst other friendships only lasted a few. 

Sometimes I feel lonely because I have so little amount of people to speak to. Then, I remember that at least I know that they are true friends. I would much rather not speak to people that bitch about you behind your back, or run away when you need them. 

Loyalty is what you need from a friend, not complacency.


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