The Importance of Manners

So. I was casually washing my car, when 2 kids started shouting out of the window across the street. They were calling me a ‘fat idiot’. Personally, I think they meant ‘voluptuous’ but just couldn’t pronounce it.

Anyways, I knocked on the house and told their mum what they were doing. She apologised and I went back to washing my car. A minute later I hear her going off on one. She was so furious.

I went inside and 2 minutes later I heard the mum saying ‘you will apologise even if I have to clip you round the ear’. I heard a knock and answered to the whole family on my doorstep. All the children, the mum, a baby and the grandma. All of the kids apologised.

The point is… that mum has my utmost respect. I have seen so many parents that don’t seem to care about what their children do. They let them run round on trains, shout abuse at people and skip school. But, she did the best thing a mum can do. She is teaching them what is and what is not acceptable.

I know that my experience was with children. With a mum like that, I’m sure they’ll grow up to be amazing people. But, unfortunately I have witnessed adults and teens behave like that and not be re-corrected.

There are too many people that have no manners as it is. We can’t let that become the norm or we become a barbaric species. Everybody deserves respect, no matter their skin tone, weight, age, gender, intellectual capacity, etc… Equality isn’t just about have equal legal rights, it is also about have equal respect. We are all humans and should be treated with kindness.

Manners Maketh Man remember.


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