Apologies can be easy, but they can also be extremely difficult.

Firstly, for a meaningful apology you have to accept that you were wrong. For some people this feels like the end of the world. For example, my dad will not do this because he is scared of feeling powerless. Others are just in a very firm mindset that they are right. This is normally what stops me from apologising. If I believe that I am in the right, it will take a lot for me to change my mind. However, I think that there are many of us who are like this.

If you do come to the conclusion that you are wrong, you then have to overcome the obstacle of admitting it. The act of actually apologising to somebody can  make you feel submissive. This often deters people from saying their sorry. They don’t want to feel like they are bowing down to another person. This is often reflected in couples arguments. One does not want feel less competent or less reliable than the other. Sometimes, this is extremely hard to get over. If you have overcome the first step, then you should try your hardest in overcoming this one. What we don’t seem to understand is that people respect you more when you admit your mistakes and have an honest approach. People are a lot more forgiving and many respect honesty when people apologise.

Although I have struggled in the past in facing up to an apology, I have been working on my acceptance of apologising. I think it would benefit a lot people to be more open to apologising instead of resisting it.

I have noticed that my relationships with others have strengthened and I feel a lot more confident in my integrity.


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