Controlling People

I have always known that my father is a controlling person. But what I didn’t realise is that there seems to be a pattern in our family tree.

I have recently come into some very heated discussions with some of my family members. This has made me analyse my family members like never before.

My realisation: All family members who married into my mum’s side are controlling and manipulative.

Two days ago I was in a big argument with my grandfather because of his inconsiderate behaviour. I have always known that he has a controlling streak, but he has become much more so over time. Now, he is so controlling, he extended my grandmother’s bank appointment so that he could come and see her finances. They weren’t getting a joint account. He just wanted to see what my grandmother was spending her money on and what she was getting in.

He follows her EVERYWHERE. I mean that when they go shopping he won’t even leave her alone in an aisle looking at some bread. When they leave the house he is always within a 2 feet radius of her.

The worst part is that he controls ALL the finances. We all know that he hides money and takes more than he should. He has even got him and my grandmother in over £1000 worth of debt due to his ‘secret’ spending. He continues to spend and control the finances without my grandmother even knowing how much money they get.

He is also extremely rude.He switches over the TV when he walks in the room. He doesn’t ask anyone whether they were watching anything, he literally takes the remote off the settee arm and changes the channel. It is one of the most ignorant things you can ever see.

So after many years of my father being a selfish control freak, I have finally recognised that he is not the only one. Although my grandfather was never nasty to me prior to our recent argument, he has always been that way with my grandmother.

All I can think is that 2 people have married controlling men in my family, and I just want to make sure that I do not want to make the same mistake…


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