Family Feuds – When is it Time to Walk Away?

My uncle has always been the troublemaker in the family. If there is a drama, you can guarentee it will have something to do with him.

However, the other day, he went out of his way to annoy me. He did things and said things just to anger me. He was goading me until I finally had a go at him. 

My uncle has been a part of my life since I was born. But, he has changed a lot over the years. He has gotten more and more irresponsible. He has got less funny and more irritating. It is not just me that has this view, it is shared amongst my close family.

But, can you turn your back on someone that has been with you for so long? Can you walk away from family?

It is coming to head where I will be left with no choice but to walk away. He has had chance after chance from not just me, but all members of our family. 

When do you stop giving chances to a close family member and leave them?

I look at the homeless people on the street and think some of them must have families. But, they must have finally had enough of their antics and were forced to abandon them. They stop giving them money; they stop giving them a place to stay; they give up on them. When does a person get to that point? Do you think they ever regret it? Or, do they see it as closure?

I guess everybody has a threshold for emotional pain. It just depends on how high it is and how loyal you are. 


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