When Friends Become Irritating.

I decided to buy a puppy two weeks ago. I was SO excited. 

My friend had bought a dog over a year ago and had a spare cage. So, I asked if I could borrow it for my soon-to-be-puppy. 

She asked if she can go with me to pick up the puppy. I had no problem with that and welcomed her fully. 

However, she soon became weird. I dropped her off at her home and went back to mine with my puppy. 2 hours later she texted me asking how he is. Then an hour later asking for me to bring him round for the weekend. Then, a photo of her dog with the caption ‘she wants her friend’ . 

She became obsessive about my puppy. I kept getting texts constantly for the next 4 days. At one point she asks me what I was doing on a certain day. I told her my mum was taking my puppy to the vets but I’m free to do something. She literally just starting asking me about when my puppy would finish at the vets. She basically said she wouldn’t bother coming round if he wasn’t here. 

Well. Its good to know that she doesn’t care about seeing me but just wants to see my pet. 

I became quickly annoyed by her frequent texts and insulted by the absolute dismissal of spending time with me. 

So, I have just ignored her recently. She’ll get bored of my puppy when he grows and is no longer her idea of cute. She’s became bored of her dog in 2 months which meant her dad starting taking care of it. 

Sometimes I wonder why I am friends with somebody that selfish, rude and irresponsible. But, she isn’t always like that. She has been there for me throughout the years and is one of the only people I can count on to be there. 

I’m planning on ignoring her for a tad and then hope she drops her obsession. If not, I will have to be straight forward with her and tell her the issue.


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