A Plan B

All my life I have felt the need to have a plan B. I have picked options and made decisions which I deemed safe enough for me to make. At first, I wasn’t sure where this stemmed from. Then is finally occurred to me last night when my mum asked me ‘what’s your plan B?’

For the first time in my life, I have no plan B. I have the ambition and determination to consider no alternative. All my ‘safe’ choices have led me to an unstable situation, an unhappy situation.

I realised that no decision is ‘safe’. No outcome is certain. No matter how many plan B’s you have, it will not guarantee that the outcome will be positive.

In fact, by spending the time thinking about your plan B you are making your plan A considerably less likely. You are losing focus on your goals. You are not putting in the energy and time needed to achieve plan A.

That is how I became an unemployed graduate with a degree in a subject I did not wish to pursue. I made all my decisions based on the likeliness of a positive result. Unfortunately, it made me end up in a deep dark hole.

Now, I am in the midst of starting a job now and getting back on track by beginning a postgraduate course in September. But, I believe that is because I have a lot more focus. I have no plan B. I either succeed or fail and I am willing to accept the outcome that occurs. Sometimes the best decisions you make in life are not ‘safe’.

I realised that you should not be scared of uncertainty, but embrace it.


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