Drunken Disasters

As you know, if you read my last post, I went away for my friend’s birthday. She was turning 22 and had organised us all to go out to do mini golf.

After mini golf, we decided to go for ‘a few’ drinks in a local bar. We all order different cocktails. As it was 2 for 1 on cocktails, we all ended up with 2 different types each. Probably not the best idea, but it was the first one that entered our heads.

After we all finished our cocktails, we walked to a pub not too far away for a drink. Where my head thought it was a great idea to order a pint of larger…. after drinking cocktails. My friend ordered a cocktail fish bowl. Then we both ordered 2 Jager bombs each. Then 2 more. We felt fine at the time.. until we didn’t.

After drinking a few drinks at the pub, me and one of my friends decided to go to a local bar/pub which was open late. I can’t actually remember most of the night. I remember ordering another pint and talking to my friend for a bit. Then a weird guy trying to talk to me and me and my friend moving to a different part of the bar. Past that. I am blank.

I know we got food on the way back home and got a taxi back. Mainly because my friend remembers a bit more than me.

The worst part. I woke up asleep on my friends sofa. Sick in a bin in front of me. Sick on the floor also. My head spinning, I picked up my trousers to find that I had been sick on them as well as my top. I felt like I was in a nightmare.

The first thing that hits you is embarrassment. Humiliation and regret. I felt sick to the stomach with dread about what my friend was going to say.

She was okay about it. She said ‘just clean it up and it’s fine’, which of course I did. But, you cannot help but still feel guilt. You cannot help but still fear that she is upset with you.

I even had to put back on my sick jeans to walk to my car to get new clothes. I had forgot to get my suitcase from my boot. Because of the parking at my friend’s house, the car was not close. It was over 3 streets away. I had to walk 3 streets and back in clothes with sick all over them. Yes. There were people about.

I then had to get changed and walk back to the car with my sick clothes in a bag to put them in my trunk. I cannot tell you how horrific it was. It was worse than the walk of shame. Although I have never done that, I imagine that it is not as humiliating as the smell and sight of wear clothes with your own puke on.

I agree that it is all my fault. I should have stopped drinking earlier. But, at the time I felt fine, until it hit me later. This was a result of me forgetting to eat prior to going for a drink.

Most people have been in a similar situation. A drunken night which is followed by shame and regret. I’m definitely going to learn from my recent experience. I found it so horrible to wake up in that situation with no idea what had happened.

Moderation is key, but you may not always get it right. It is all a learning curve, no matter how scarring.


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