I Used To Enjoy Driving…

Since having a car My independence has soared. I can go where I want, when I want. I am the first female in my family to be able to drive and I love not having to rely on others!

But. I have been driving for nearly a year and I have already lost my love for driving. At first, I would look forward to journeys because I loved the act of driving. Now, I can’t wait to just get to where I need to be so I can get out of the car. 

The main reason for me losing my love of driving is other drivers. It seems to me that a lot of drivers on the road have forgotten how to drive properly and safely. If all people were good drivers the there would be a very little amount of accidents. I have frequently had people pull out in front of me at junctions or whilst I am on a roundabout. I have even had a person cut across 3 lanes right in front of me to get to the other side of a dual carriageway. All of these acts are illegal. However, they are frequent occurrences. 

I have seen people overtake others on corners. I have been stuck behind somebody doing 30mph in a 60 zone. Yesterday, whilst switching lanes near a roundabout, I checked my mirror and it was clear. Only for a person speeding to catch up to me and beep me! The guy then sped round me doing about 60 in a 40mph area. 

People seem to forget how roundabouts work, or who has right of way in different places.They forget or don’t bother to acknowledge signs. Some even forget what traffic lights mean. A lot of drivers I have seen, don’t use their indicators. A basic and crucial tool when driving. If I don’t know you are turning, then I am just baffled as to what you are doing. Imagine if I overtook in that moment. Depending on the way you are turning, there would be a likelihood of a collision. 

Some drivers seem to never use their mirrors. If you don’t use your mirrors how do you know it is clear to turn? You don’t. They just turn regardless. Then everyone else have to brake. I’ve even experienced a car infront of me takeover 2 lanes. So I had to break so that he wouldn’t strike me. Some drivers don’t stick to there lanes making me very weary. 

The issues don’t stop when a vehicle is immobile. Oh No. People park on double yellow lines. Some put their hazard lights on like that makes the act legal. FYI it does not. 

People park on corners so you cannot see round them, making the corner absolutely blind. Previously, some people have blocked me access from my driveway. Some also park directly opposite my driveway so it is difficult for me to get out. Parking in ridiculous places can make situations dangerous for other drivers. An accident can happen just because you were so lazy that you wanted to park a meter from your house. 

Some drivers even park stupidly in designated parking spaces! Supermarket car parks are a nightmare. You find a space, but the person who has parked in the adjacent bay has parked so close to yours there is no way you could get out! I’ve even seen it where someone has just parked in the middle of 2 spaces! Not only is that extremely selfish, but it also shows how terrible a driver they must be.

I have regularly seen people park in the disabled spots and not display a blue badge, or in the family spaces but don’t have a child with them. They are specifically marked as these sorts of people find it difficult to travel far distances. Yet again, people’s laziness and selfishness leads to these spaces being severely abused. 

People even park in the pick up or loading bays right outside the entrance. It is despicable. They leave the car there so taxis are unable to pick up at that point. It is marked ‘pick up’ for a reason. It is like people ‘forget’ to read these clearly marked words. 

I am not saying that I am a perfect driver. We all occasionally make mistakes. But, the issues I have described are either extremely dangerous and idiotic or completely basic and easily avoidable. The latter being things like parking sensibly, checking mirrors, using indicators etc… The first being cutting across lanes, taking over multiple lanes, extreme speeding, not pulling out infront of others etc…

This is why I lost my love for driving within less than one year.


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