Getting the Job!

After a lot of knock backs, that feeling when you finally land a job is indescribable. However, I have not just experienced knock backs. I have also experienced the pleasure of getting a job then hating it once I have it. I have been employed in places where I became so depressed that I would rather have no job than be treated horribly by colleagues or managers.

I have been unemployed for two months now, but I have now secured another job! I have been unemployed for longer periods of time because the job market is horrendous. I am really lucky that its only turned out to be two months. However, I will have to wait four weeks to start as I must wait until the other individual leaves.

I am currently experiencing the happiness that comes with securing a job. Because I have worked there previously on a casual basis, I know that I will not be unhappy doing the job itself. However, I will not know what the employees are like until I get there. I think that’s just nerves speaking. You always get at least a little nervous when starting a new job.

I know the atmosphere is quite laid back, which suits me. I hate the corporate vibe. I’ve experienced that previously. Plus, it means that I may be able to keep the job when starting back at university again this September by cutting my hours. It is a lot better pay than my last job. But, my last job was the worst job I’ve ever had. It put me off an entire career, it was that bad.

Most of all, I am relieved. The last two months I have been surviving on savings and, in all honesty, I was getting more and more worried everyday. Financial stress is the worst kind. I can handle exam stress, deadlines, and confrontation, but financial stress is crippling. Most nights I wanted to cry. To make myself feel better I would buy things online. Then, I would worry more. It is a dangerous cycle.

So, I am very happy that I have finally got a job, a well-paid job. I am making progress with my life!



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